jLAN Mobile is a complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for beer distributors.

Beer retailers  recognize  that consumers are extremely brand loyal when it comes to their beer. Retailers rely on their distributors to make sure that there are zero out of stock scenarios.  Retailers also know that well stocked, organized displays with promotional materials are crucial to maximizing sell through on  the retail floor.

As a beer distributor it is your job to service your retail customers and to do that properly you  need an industry leading route accounting beer distribution system.   With hundreds of built-in features for real-time insight, on-site order processing and web-based route tracking, jLAN Mobile  will help you exceed your customers expectations each and every day.

Capture Valuable Intelligence

Create and distribute surveys to your mobile workforce to gather powerful intelligence.

Real-time Inventory Management

Handle thousands of SKUs with barcode scanning and real-time on-truck inventory data.

Web-based Route Management

Schedule and monitor deliveries as they’re happening with jLAN’s graphical route tracking.

On-site Orders, Invoices and Payments

Empower mobile workers to process and print orders, payments and invoices on the spot.

Pre-configured ERP Integration

Save time, redundancy and errors with jLAN’s built-in ERP and accounting integration.