jLAN Mobile is a complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for consumer packaged goods wholesalers and distributors.

We’ll help you put your ERP system in the hands of your mobile workforce so you can accurately manage thousands of inventory items, gather critical consumer intelligence, increase sales opportunities and improve customer service. From mobile devices and tablets, your remote teams can do it all in less time, reducing operational costs and boosting your bottom line.

Real-time Inventory Management

Easily manage thousands of SKUs with flexible
pricing and efficient barcode scanning.

Create Surveys to Capture Customer Feedback

Gain actionable sales and marketing intelligence
to help you make better decisions.

Expand Sales Opportunities

Give presentations, add customers, share
promotions and process orders on the spot.

On-site Orders, Invoices and Payments

Eliminate paperwork with electronic processing
and transfer of all customer transactions.

Two-way Mobile to ERP Integration

Save time, redundancy and errors with jLAN’s
built-in ERP and accounting integration.



How jLAN helps Consumer Packaged Goods Wholesalers & Distributers

  • Gain real-time access to inventory
  • Increase sales from anywhere
  • Reduce operational costs companywide
  • Gather valuable business intelligence
  • Improve service, accuracy and loyalty
  • Full inventory management with barcode scanning and search tools
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Flexible pricing and promotions
  • Optimized for Windows Mobile and Android devices
  • Built-in ERP and accounting integration