jLAN Mobile is a complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for food service distribution companies.

With pre-configured ERP and accounting integration, you can easily connect your traceability efforts and supply chain management to your mobile devices, ensuring consistent accuracy and companywide efficiency. Real-time inventory management, on-site order processing and web-based route tracking further enable you to serve customers with quality products and exceptional service.

Real-time Inventory Management and Traceability

Manage thousands of SKUs including flexible pricing, barcode scanning and search tools.

Capture Sales and Marketing Intelligence

jLAN’s survey tools give you actionable intelligence to make better business decisions.

Uncover New Sales Opportunities

Enable any employee to sell product, add customers and process orders on the spot.

Eliminate Paperwork

Electronic processing and transfer of all customer transactions saves costs and errors.

Two-way Mobile to ERP Integration

Mobilize your ERP system to reduce redundancy and improve service delivery times.