jLAN Mobile is a complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for industrial parts distributors.

There’s no time to waste in your business, so we’ve designed a mobile solution that helps you retain customer loyalty with flexible real-time inventory management of thousands of SKUs, web-based route tracking and on-site order and payment processing. Put the power of your ERP system into the hands of your mobile sales and delivery teams giving them real-time access to inventory, customer information, pricing, promotions, route schedules and more.

Real-time Inventory Management

Manage thousands of SKUs including flexible
item, pricing and barcode capabilities.

Web-based Route Scheduling and Monitoring

Make sure your deliveries are always on
time with anytime, anywhere route tracking.

Process Orders, Invoices and Payments On-site

Mobilize your accounting with electronic in-store
order, payment and invoice processing.

Capture Sales and Marketing Intelligence

jLAN’s survey tools give you actionable
intelligence to make better business decisions.

Two-way Mobile to ERP Integration

Transfer data, documents and communications
between your devices and ERP system.



How jLAN Mobile helps industrial parts companies

  • View and manage inventory in real-time
  • Ensure you stock the right products
  • Increase sales revenue from anywhere
  • Easily schedule and manage routes
  • Improve service, accuracy and loyalty
  • Full inventory management with flexible item and pricing entry
  • Web-based route management
  • On-site order and payment processing
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Built-in ERP and accounting integration