Vendor-managed inventory and consignment arrangements can be extremely difficult to track. The challenges include knowing exactly how much inventory is physically located at the site, knowing when to replenish stock and perhaps most importantly the ability to issue invoices quickly when inventory is sold in order to maintain cash flow.

jLAN Mobile has partnered with Blue Moon Industries to offer a full consignment life cycle solution to help you manage all vital consignment and vendor-managed inventory processes.

Using the Customer Consignments module, you can simplify the inventory replenishment process for consignment sales orders with the Microsoft Dynamics GP sales order processing module. The replenishment orders created in Microsoft Dynamics GP will automatically transfer inventory to a consignment site so you always know exactly where your inventory is located. You can set up one consignment site per customer or use one ‘master’ site for all consignment inventory, it’s entirely up to you.

When used together with the jLAN Mobile tablet solution, mobile sales reps can now visit consignment customers and invoice them directly for sold inventory. Alternately, you can provide these customers with their own mobile self-service app, so they can manage their own inventory on a mobile device. Their consumption input automatically creates an invoice directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Either way, you will realize the benefits of precise inventory tracking and a much shorter inventory-to-cash cycle.


  • Know exactly where your inventory is located
  • Reduce on-hand inventory and shrinkage costs
  • Reduce administrative time by tying together the replenishment orders, inventory transfer orders and invoices
  • Service more customer accounts in less time
  • Use the jLAN Mobile app to complete the cycle and invoice your customers for product sell-through to speed up the inventory-to-cash cycle


  • Requires Microsoft Dynamics GP

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