jLAN Mobile Portal

Enjoy 24x7 web-based monitoring and management of sales and routes.

Browser-Based Route Management Portal

The jLAN Mobile Portal gives sales managers, operations managers and route managers browser-based access to the entire jLAN Mobile system. Being a browser-based system, key personnel do not need to install any software on their PCs to manage the direct store delivery, route sales or van sales operations.

Depending on your industry you may run separate sales vs. delivery routes. Beer brands, for example, canvas their customer base with seas reperceives focused on order generation, merchandising and relationship building. In these scenarios you need a route scheduling system that accommodate assigning customer to multiple routes.

Put customer service before all else by enabling and empowering your team with the best mobile sales portal and collaboration software they need to entice customers and support on-the-spot orders.

Your brand needs the best representation it can have on a field call. That’s why jLAN Mobile’s field sales operations with real-time route scheduling are designed to support supply chain and logistics operations.

Real-time Route Scheduling and Monitoring

Route and operations managers will appreciate the ability to modify delivery schedules on the fly. A detailed graphical interface allows you to see what’s happening with your routes at all times. Now you can easily re-route customer visits and deliveries when needed and push time-sensitive information out to your drivers and remote workforce before they start their routes.

Whether you’re a bakery ensuring the freshest delivery of your goods by routing around traffic or working to consolidate loads with smarter distribution of your industrial parts, jLAN Mobile’s field sales performance tracking can use real-time route scheduling to track deliveries, keep customers on-schedule and simplify every mobile order fulfillment process you come across.

Track Sales Performance and Activity in Real Time

Enable sales managers to view and monitor all sales activity as it happens. Send new pricing, promotions, marketing materials, inventory updates and customer information out to your mobile sales teams instantly giving them what they need to increase revenue.

Empower your snack sales reps by providing instant access to inventory, product and promotion information on thousands of SKUs and pricing options based on your existing ERP system.

CPG brands can increase relationships and successes by relying on our mobile sales collaboration software to track on-site orders, invoices and payments, which helps your company deliver value faster and more consistently, strengthening your relationship with new and existing customers.

Centrally Create and Publish Surveys

Automate and simplify how your mobile teams gather data in the field. jLAN Mobile Surveys allows you to create surveys on the jLAN Portal and push them out to all of your mobile devices to capture the information and analytics you need to make profitable decisions.

Create current sales opportunities with new brands or upsell capabilities for your field sales operations by reviewing surveys that are available to your staff and customers.  Combining surveys with historical purchase data can help you tailor offerings and promotions directly to customer needs.

Our aim is to be the only mobile sales collaboration tool your food service brand needs to bring sales, marketing and field representatives together to boost revenues.

Role Based Logins

The jLAN Mobile Portal separates the system administration functions from the business administration functions depending on the user’s login role.

The jlAN Mobile portal has two preconfigured server roles.  “User” which limits access to the Dashboard, Mobile Sales, Route, Survey  and reporting moduleM. Whereas the “Administrator” role allow for direct configuration of the mobile users in the field

24/7 Visibility into Field Sales and Route Management Operations

Monitor all sales routes, deliveries and more on the jLAN Portal any time of day or night with 24×7 access to your own web portal from jLAN Mobile. Field sales operations can’t wait for normal business hours — especially when they vary between bakeries, grocery stores, retailers, cafes and so many more.

Now you can see at a glance where all of your drivers are and even push out time sensitive information to them en route.

Get the access you need with real-time route scheduling on the best mobile sales portal your team will ever use.