We are excited to announce our latest release of the jLAN Mobile Portal. This release is unlike any we’ve ever had in the past ten years. jLAN Mobile Portal is now a 100% browser based application. This new version can be hosted on premise or hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. jLAN customers simply need a browser to access the full power of the jLAN Mobile Portal. When coupled with our latest Windows Tablet client, jLAN Mobile now offers the most complete and modern route sales solution on the market.

The new release is packed full of new features that makes this our most exciting release ever.  Highlights include:

  • Server Login Roles.  Create separate login roles for system administrators and sales operations personnel. Now route and sales managers have limited access to system and user maintenance forms.
  • Route Planning.  The new route planning  form lets route managers drag and drop delivery documents to optimize truck loads
  • Workflows. Create unique workflows by user that match how your field reps work
  • Route Maintenance: Improved control over route stops. Assign different visit days for customers within the same route
  • Sales Vs Delivery Routes:  Set up a sales route to ensure all customer visits are displayed on the mobile device.  Set up a delivery route so only customers with pending deliveries are visible on the tablet.
  • Geo Tagging of all stops. All stops are plotted on a map so now you know exactly where and when your reps visited a customer

Contact us today to get a custom tour of the new jLAN Mobile Server.