Bar Code Scanners

jLAN Mobile provides support for bar code scanning during order entry. The application has been certified to work with the following scanners.

Socket CHS Series 7 by Socket Mobile

  • Integrated long-range Bluetooth for unprecedented freedom of movement up to 330 feet
  • Small, lightweight, ergonomic form factor with connection and good scan LED status indicator
  • Battery Friendly® technology enables thousands of scans on a single charge
  • Ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more

Honeywell Voyager 1200 G2voyager1202g_07_med

  • Outstanding scan performance on poor quality and damaged bar codes maintains productivity by providing a worry-free linear scanning solution that minimizes the need for manual data entry
  • Class-leading presentation scanning increases throughput by providing object detection and automatic in-stand detection and configuration