Need a turnkey mobile sales, route accounting and delivery solution?
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  • Pre–Sales, Route Accounting and Direct Store Delivery Models
  • Seamless ERP Integration
  • Industry Customizations
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Ready to improve speed, accuracy, intelligence and automation? jLAN’s built–in ERP integration makes it easy.

Our route sales and direct store delivery solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite & SYSPRO from day one.

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Want a route sales solution that fits your industry?
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jLAN Mobile Sales includes hundreds of unique features, tools and customizations just for your industry.

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Do you collect marketing data from your field sales teams? You should. Use jLAN Mobile Survey capabilities to collect and analyze marketing data from the field. Make proactive decisions and protect your business.
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jLAN Mobile Sales provides Route Accounting, Mobile

Sales, Direct Store Delivery and Full Service Field Sales

software. We have been helping businesses maximize

performance and profit since 2001. Discover how we can

mobilize your success.

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Why I chose jLan Mobile

Within a few months of implementing jLAN Mobile, the number of back orders dropped dramatically. That is more than $300,000 straight to the bottom line.
Francisco Villacian Graupera,

Citizens de Mexico S.A.