jLan Mobile Products

Powerful software, choice of devices and scalable mobile solutions from jLAN Technologies.

How do your teams need to work?
How does your technology need to integrate?
How can you run your business more efficiently?

These three questions are at the core of everything we do around here. jLAN Technologies puts advanced ERP expertise, industry best practices and the best–in–class technology into our Route Accounting and Direct Store Delivery products so you can:

  • Manage and automate all of your Pre-Sales, Route
    Accounting and Direct Store Delivery operations with one solution, not several.
  • Integrate mobility with your Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite or SYSPRO ERP system from day one.
  • Empower your remote workforce with real-time information and tools so they can improve revenue and customer satisfaction on the road.
  • Leverage hundreds of ready-to-go industry customizations without requiring expensive modifications or IT support.
  • Choose rugged Windows Mobile devices for DSD and Route sales.
  • Choose modern touch enabled table devices for pre-sales and merchandising



    Our fully comprehensive mobile solution includes everything you need to automate your sales, marketing, route accounting, deliveries, inventory management, schedules and more. We’ve already integrated your software, your server application and your mobile devices so you won’t miss a beat.

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