Competing means introducing higher margin items while reducing operational costs – all while providing quality products with efficient service.

jLAN Mobile is a complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for consumer packaged goods wholesalers and distributors.

We’ll help you put your ERP system in the hands of your mobile workforce so you can accurately manage thousands of inventory items, gather critical consumer intelligence, increase sales opportunities and improve customer service. From mobile devices and tablets, your remote teams can do it all in less time, reducing operational costs and boosting your bottom line.

Real-time Inventory Management for Consumer Goods

Easily manage thousands of SKUs with flexible pricing and efficient barcode scanning.

Consumer demands shift constantly, whether that means requiring new products or simply asking for different configurations and combinations of the goods you offer. Don’t let your systems hold you back. jLAN’s DSD software for consumer goods supports a wide range of features that you can shift and manage when you need to meet different requirements for your vendors, customers and the end-consumer.

Know what you have on hand, on the truck, en route and out-for-delivery at any moment. We’ll help you forecast and order as you need it so no one waits on the CPG they want or need.

Create Surveys to Capture Customer Feedback

Gain actionable sales and marketing intelligence to help you make better decisions.

Grow your business in a way that’s certain to support your clients by asking them what they need. We combine real-time inventory management for consumers with customer insight so you can bring products where they’re needed as soon as the need is known.

You don’t have to wait on long reviews and month-end trends analysis if your customer has a chance to tell you what they’d like right away. The jLAN Mobile DSD for Consumer Goods gives you the reach and support you need to act in the field or even on the truck when it’s best for you and your clients.

Expand Consumer Goods Sales Opportunities

Give presentations, add customers, share promotions and process orders on-the-spot.

With a complex DSD for consumer goods that has mobile device support, you give your field team their best tool to make a winning presentation to customers, whether it’s delivering the latest promotions, offering deals or showing real-time sales data on the CPG you offer.

Don’t have a field team just say you’re able to move 200% more units than your competitors — prove it with location information and tell them exactly how fast you can have their order fulfilled and on a new store’s shelves from the palm of your hand.

Route accounting for consumer goods has never been a better partner for growing your business.

On-site Consumer Goods Orders, Invoices and Payments

Eliminate paperwork with electronic processing and transfer of all customer transactions.

Link real-time inventory management for consumer goods right to the orders you’re delivering and the vans you have in service. You can have a complete understanding of your business and even shop new CPG options to your best customers by driving to them with new options and promotions.

Turn pitches and marketing efforts into an immediate sale by offering contracts and orders to customers right at the point of pitch and sale, creating a visible and transparent invoice and payment process that they can sign up with through your field teams’ smartphones and tablets.

Two-way Mobile to ERP Integration

Save time, redundancy and errors with jLAN’s built-in ERP and accounting integration.

DSD for consumer goods needs to feed your business. That’s why we work with leading ERP vendors for immediate, simple integration. We’ll put the data in your hands and allow your systems to use it how you want for forecasting, business insight and much more. It’s ERP made easy.



    How jLAN helps Consumer Packaged Goods Wholesalers & Distributers

    • Gain real-time access to inventory
    • Increase sales from anywhere
    • Reduce operational costs companywide
    • Gather valuable business intelligence
    • Improve service, accuracy and loyalty
    • Full inventory management with barcode scanning and search tools
    • Robust analytics and reporting
    • Flexible pricing and promotions
    • Optimized for Windows Mobile and Android devices
    • Built-in ERP and accounting integration