Mobile Surveys, Retail Audits and Data Collection

Mobile Survey and Data collection tool for merchandisers

jLAN Briefcase is a powerful mobile survey and retail audit solution that gives you the ability to collect, manage and analyze survey data anywhere, anytime.

With mobile surveys you increase response rates, capture valuable insights faster and increase collaboration across your company. Users enjoy a portable, consistent mobile survey experience tailored to their customers. It’s a handy mobile survey app that allows merchandisers in the field to capture images of your products where they are displayed, complete customer-facing surveys and capture competitor data all on their smartphone. Images are captured on the phone and instantly delivered to a cloud server where you, the marketing manager, can view and analyze the data as its being collected. Each visit is geotagged with location so that there is zero margin for error, and you will never again have to wonder what is going on with your product in any of its retail placements.

jLAN Briefcase is an ideal solution for Retail Store Audits. Retail Audits are similar to mobile surveys with one important distinction, Products. Retail Audits are used to collect specific information about a product. Thus Retail Audit questions will repeat themselves for each individual Product you want to collect data on. jLAN’s Retail audits  provide you  with the data you need to make proactive  decisions  designed to protect your products and brands at retail

jLAN Briefcase is a cloud based tool that helps both your field team members and marketing managers improve productivity and make important product decisions quickly. Never again will you search countless emails to collect and analyze data.

Compatible with Android or iPhones mobile devices.

  • Custom Survey Creation
  • Mobile Surveys for iPhone and Android
  • Analyze marketing data
  • Upload Marketing Materials to the cloud and make them immediately avaialble to your mobile team
  • All surveys and images are automatically Geo Tagged



    With jLAN Briefcase, you can capture the data you need to take

    immediate action when required in order to protect and enhance

    your products, your image and the efficiency of your sales force.