Proof Of Delivery

Finally, a comprehensive proof of delivery solution that works as hard as you do.

jLAN Mobile Proof of Delivery

jLAN’s Proof of Delivery app extends your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to your mobile workforce. Provide drivers, employees, contractors and couriers with an easy-to-use mobile app that easily captures proof of delivery from a mobile device.  Our intuitive mobile app can be configured to  seamlessly support  existing delivery processes, eliminating paperwork, reducing errors and increasing productivity among your workforce.  jLAN’s proof of delivery app is  ideal for businesses that want to reduce labor costs and inefficiencies associated with paper-based systems.

Benefits of Proof of Delivery

Monitor Drivers and Increase  Accountability

Each delivery is geo-tagged and date-time stamped so you can easily confirm exactly when and where your driver was when the delivery was recorded.

Easily Settle Customer Disputes

It is inevitable that delivery disputes from  your customers will arise.  When they do why not equip your customer service team with  the data they need to quickly, professionally and courteously resolve the dispute. jLAN lets you  lookup customer accounts and their associated deliveries so you can  answer questions and confirm delivery/service was completed.

Organize Routes and Deliveries

Managers can create and manage customer routes for each driver. Routes are dynamically built on a daily  basis.  As deliveries are made mangers can view proofs of delivery information in near real time  from jLAN’s customer portal  web application.

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    How jLAN Mobile's Proof of Delivery helps your mobile and back office teams

    • User friendly UI lets drivers get in and out of stops quickly
    • Seamless integration to ERP eliminates data entry errors
    • Works on iPhone devices
    • Easily reconcile end-of-day sales and delivery routes
    • Robust performance monitoring, management and reporting

    • Automatically builds dynamic routes on a daily basis
    • Web-based route scheduling and tracking
    • Capture electronic signatures
    • Each delivery is geo-tagged and date time stamped
    • Supports payment capture
    • Seamless ERP and accounting integration