jLAN Mobile Sales for Windows Tablet

jLAN Mobile for Windows Tablet Devices

jLAN Mobile’s Windows Tablet Edition is the perfect solution for mobile sales teams who need enhanced capabilities beyond simple order entry.  Every screen and feature is optimized to enable field sales teams to take advantage of larger screen sizes, touch sensitive capabilities and speedier performance. jLAN Mobile for Windows Tablet is a native application built to provide the richest and most powerful user experience available. Off-line capabilities allow reps to take orders and access information without a connection and then synchronize when a connection becomes available.

The tablet client is designed  to allow rapid  order entry so your reps can capture more orders in less time.   Use bar code scanning, product order guides, item entry or wild card look ups to quickly add items to an order.  Customer specific item prices and promotions are automatically applied saving your reps even more time.

jLAN Mobile also includes robust survey capabilities that will help you  capture crucial marketing and competitor information you can use to strengthen your in store relationships.  Together with the jLAN Mobile Portal the  jLAN Mobile Tablet Edition becomes the most powerful and modern route sales solution on the market.

What can you do with jLAN Mobile for Windows  Tablets Laptops?


  • Expedite order entry, invoicing and payment processing
  • See mutimedia item presentations that include videos, images, web sites and more
  • Run multiple applications like Excell and PowerPoint with ease
  • Write, send and receive email from anywhere
  • Full view of customer data including aging, buying history and address mapping
  • Access the latest documents, pricing and promotions
  • View and update real-time inventory information
  • Synchronize transactions and data between the tablet and ERP system when a connection becomes available
  • Manage customer visits more efficiently
  • Compatible with touch enabled Windows 8.1 Pro or RT devices