jLAN Mobile is a complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for beverage service companies.

From mobile devices and tablets, your sales and service staff can sell or swap products on the fly, survey customers, capture signatures, print invoices and access up-to-the-minute customer and contract information. We’ll help you build stronger relationships and profit with a mobile solution that streamlines your fast-paced business.

Easily Track and Replenish Stock

From the reception area to the break room,
quickly inventory, service and stock product.

Create Surveys to Capture Customer Feedback

Your customers will appreciate that you value
their feedback on products and service.

Real-time Inventory Visibility

View on-truck inventory for easy product swaps,
promotions or on-site order processing.

Web-based Route Management

Schedule and monitor routes as they happen
with instant messaging of critical information.

On-site Orders, Invoices, Payments and Receipts

Eliminate paperwork with electronic customer
documents and signature capture.

Two-way Mobile to ERP Integration

Save time, redundancy and errors with jLAN’s
built-in ERP and accounting integration.



    How jLAN helps beverage service companies

    • Real-time inventory visibility
    • Gather valuable customer feedback
    • Improve service, accuracy and loyalty
    • On-site orders, invoices and payments
    • Increase revenue with flexible pricing, discounts and promotions
    • Robust customer survey capabilities
    • Full inventory tracking with barcode scanning and fast search tools
    • Web-based route management
    • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
    • Built-in ERP and accounting integration