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Genji Automates with jLAN Technologies, Chops Time-Wasting Tasks

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Mobile Sales Software Chops Time-Wasting Tasks

Genji, the single largest operator of sushi bars for the Whole Foods Market chain, is committed to the creation of all-natural sushi and Japanese–inspired cuisine in a grab-and-go style.

Genji sushi bars are located in more than 150 Whole Foods Market locations in 18 states and Washington, D.C. At each market, skilled chefs are dedicated to providing health-conscious sushi lovers with superior sushi and sashimi from environmentally friendly sources, free from artifcial colors and preservatives, favor enhancers and hydrogenated fats.

In nearly every Whole Foods Market across the country, sushi is a wildly popular product—but not everyone likes the same selections. There are regional preferences throughout the chain. In some locations, rolls made with shrimp are more popular because it is cooked, while vegetarian and vegan items may be the top seller in other locales.

We had to find the right software that would work with the accounting
system we already had in place. We also wanted
technology that would let our employees create new
transactions offline, so an internet connection wasn’t necessary.”

Alex Shi, Genji LLC.

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    Customer Profile

    Genji llc. operates high quality sushi bars for the Whole Foods Market chain.

    They are the largest operator of sushi bars for the chain, operating in over 150 whole foods markets

    Business Problem

    At each location, monthly stock counts, and weekly orders were accomplished manually with pen and paper. An administrative assistant
    was then responsible for gathering the information and re-entering it into the Microsoft Dynamics GP back office system.

    This Process resulted in slow reordering and inaccurate inventory counts.


    Genji chose jLAN Technologies, a Microsoft Gold Partner, to deploy jLAN Mobile Sales Software, together with Apple iPAD tablets, to seamlessly integrate with their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics GP.


    Fewer Order Entry Errors

    Greater Inventory Accuracy

    More Timely Product Delivery

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    • Improves the in person selling and delivery experience
    • Touch-screen technology allows reps tocomplete orders much faster
    • Eliminated long synch times, making workinghours more productive
    • Reps have all data at their fingertips, includingcustomer buying history
    • Reduced incidence of out-of-stock situations
    • Robust integrations available for many ERP systems 
    • Create Orders, Invoices on a mobile device
    • Manage, Monitor and execute delivery routes 
    • Web-based route and sales monitoring
    • Manage truck stock inventory
    • End of day route cash and inventory reconciliation 

    The Challenge of Keeping 150 Sushi Bars Well-Stocked

    Each sushi bar is responsible for its own inventory tracking and reordering to ensure the location is well-stocked with local favorites and not overrun with food it can’t sell.

    Genji’s diverse customer base makes a reliable tracking and reordering system a necessity, but the company’s system was less than ideal. At each location, monthly stock counts were accomplished manually with pen and paper. Reordering could be done by writing out the order and faxing it to the company headquarters in Philadelphia, or entering it into an aging, web-based mobile application.

    Neither option integrated with the company’s accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics GP, so an administrative assistant was responsible for gathering the information and re-entering it into the software. Rekeying the orders meant accuracy was an issue, because mistakes made while transferring the information had to be corrected by a member of the company’s IT staff.

    jLAN Technologies Mobile Sales platform was the answer to a problem that was drowning our staff in paperwork.

    Genji Chose a Leading Provider of Mobile Sales Force Automation

    A search for the right solution located jLAN Technologies, a leading provider of mobile sales force automation and a leading provider of mobile sales force automation software and Microsoft Gold Certified partner.

    “We were especially drawn to the solution’s Microsoft Certification, which spoke volumes about the quality of the technology and company as a whole

    – Alex Shi

    jLAN’s Mobile Sales PDA-based solution allows users to create and manage sales orders, update customer information, manage inventory transfers and inventory counts. The jLAN Mobile platform includes a two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP sales order processing, inventory and receivables data with the Windows Mobile devices. Changes in customer, inventory and sales data made in Microsoft Dynamics GP are automatically sent to the mobile devices.

    Genji deployed Motorola MC65 devices, rugged handhelds that could withstand the harsh conditions of a busy food service operation. Using the jLAN Mobile Sales software, Genji personnel can now rapidly reorder stock on the Motorola MC65 mobile devices. With jLAN Mobile’s Order Guide feature, each sushi bar now has a custom list of products on the mobile device they typically reorder for the store.

    The Order Guide feature simplifed and expedited the order entry process at each store. jLAN’s software also functions offine, so employees do not need an Internet connection to create orders or complete stock counts, as they did with the previous web-based system.

    “We are thrilled that the jLAN team worked with us to
    customize the solution so it’s in line with our needs,
    while their technical support department has been
    assisting us to ensure its success.”

    – Alex Shi

    Once the reorders are completed on the mobile devices, they are automatically uploaded into Microsoft Dynamics GP. This seamless integration eliminates the need for paperwork and time-consuming data entry, which also reduces the likelihood of costly errors. The new automated processes save countless hours per month in back office administrative time.

    Genji also has improved their data integrity, taking pressure off the company’s IT staff, who no longer have to scramble to correct mistakes made when data is improperly transferred.

    Genji has the jLAN Mobile software solution running in 150 of its Whole Foods Market sushi bars and the company is anticipating growth. They plan to rollout jLAN Mobile Sales Software to new locations in the near future.

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