Why jLAN Mobile?

Because, frankly, you deserve more from your route sales solution.

jLAN Mobile for Pre-sales, Route Accounting, Direct Store Delivery and Proof of Delivery  Models

Your front line. Your back office. All those places in between. We’ve got you covered. From your people to your technology to the industries you serve, you want maximum value for your investment. jLAN Mobile integrates and automates your sales and delivery operations.

How do your people need to work? Some jLAN customers come to us for a robust mobile solution for their pre-sales teams. Others seek a simplified way to manage their route accounting and delivery. And then there are customers who need the power of a fully integrated mobile solution built to manage all of the above with ease.

jLAN Mobile Works with Any Distribution Model

Do your sales people and delivery people serve customers on different schedules? Are your sales routes much larger than your delivery routes? With jLan Mobile, you can support all your sales and delivery people, routes and transactions all in one system enabling you to provide a full-service mobile support model for your customers.

Ready to see JLAN Mobile in action?

Explore what makes jLAN Mobile the most comprehensive and turnkey mobile solution for your business:


Route Sales / Route Accounting

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Proof of Delivery 



ERP Integration