RAS Software for Health and Wellness


RAS Software for Health and Wellness | jLAN Mobile Tech

jLAN Mobile offers a comprehensive RAS for health and wellness companies with support for a business model that’s always on-the-go.

Retailers need you to be a reliable distribution partner who is ready with the products, foods and equipment their customers demand. Take advantage of industry standards and innovations while jLAN Mobile gives you the platform that will align your distribution, ERP, order processing and much more.

Meeting Mobile Distribution Needs for Health and Wellness

Building on our existing expertise with a variety of perishable food and beverage markets, jLAN Mobile is expanding our current RAS to support the intricacies of the health and wellness markets. Your perishables have a wide range of temperature, storage and time requirements, with a set of SKUs constantly in flux.

Let us support all those metrics and help you track the status of every shipment and route every order to optimize time on the truck or van. We’ll help you get it there sooner, in better condition and in a better position to create positive, long-term relationships with retail and grocery partners.

Non-Perishable Goods Support

Route accounting software can also be used to optimize your existing inventory of blenders, juicers, health equipment and much more as it captures, records and manages sales transactions for all your distribution efforts.

Our robust RAS platform for health and wellness brands works across multiple warehouses, trucks, vans, direct-to-store, direct-to-consumer, pre-sell and other distribution tools that you will employ for future success. With robust remote management, you can have your team in the field track and execute on every order right away.

Monitor inventory levels at every destination with full accounting support and ERP functionality thanks to some of the best integration experts in the business. No matter how you run your operations, jLAN is here to support it.

Capture Customers with Smart Distribution

jLAN RAS for health and wellness companies like yours has marketing intelligence in its DNA, so we focus on getting your shipments there and you can spend time researching the best positioning for your products.

Robust distribution remains one of the biggest challenges for health and wellness brands because you’re often working with new products and a shifting market. That means adapting quickly to the latest trends and advances in your industry. Plus, retail space is always at a premium — so you need a comprehensive solution to keep shoppers and retail partners happy.

jLAN Route Accounting Software is tailored for your work in the Health and Wellness sector and stands ready to empower your employees with mobile access to your existing ERP systems and much more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.