jLAN Mobile Route Accounting Software

Maximize route performance and profitability with the ultimate route accounting software solution.

Route Accounting Software
jLAN Mobile provides an end-to-end route accounting software solution that is efficient, flexible and packed with tools that enable your drivers to spend more time serving customers and less time on paperwork. Route sales teams can quickly access real-time customer and inventory information, sell products, process orders and invoices, receive payments, replenish stock and be on the way to their next stop a matter of minutes.

Within a few months of implementing jLAN Mobile, the number of back orders dropped dramatically. That is more than $300,000 straight to the bottom line. – Francisco Graupera, Citizens de Mexico

jLAN’s route accounting software is equally as easy to use and impressive for route managers. Managers can maintain customer visit schedules by day, re-route delivery documents, print load reports and see exact route productivity in real time. jLAN’s route inquiry dashboard plots the geo coordinates of every visit so you can ensure your drivers are actually visiting your customer in a timely basis.

jLAN Mobile now offers a Microsoft Azure hosted version. The jLAN Server Portal greatly reduces hardware expenses an implementation times so you can get up and running quickly.


  • Real-time Inventory Visibility: jLAN Mobile includes several ways to check inventory including built-in barcode scanning and easy product lookup by UPC code, item number or description.
  • Streamline Orders, Payments and Invoicing: Make routes more productive with on-the-spot sales, orders, payments and invoices. Information is sent directly to your accounting system saving duplicate entry and errors.
  • Graphical Route Scheduling and Tracking: Create unlimited route schedules configured just the way you need them – by day, week, month, temporary, future – and monitor all activity through a graphical interface.
  • Optimize Routes and Re-routes: Easily sort and search through thousands of customer records to assign them to routes, minimizing travel time and instantly re-routing people or documents as needed.
  • Accurate End-of-Day Route Reconciliation: Reconcile and report on all daily transactions from sales to invoices to inventory with automatic synching of all transactions and updates into your ERP system.



    How jLAN helps your Route Sales & Route Accounting team

    • Increase route revenue
    • Accelerate service and delivery
    • Minimize travel time between stops
    • Maintain accurate inventory
    • Simplify daily route reconciliation
    • Ensure driver accountability

    • Barcode scanning and inventory lookup
    • Graphical route tracking
    • On-site orders, payment and invoicing
    • Industry-specific customizations
    • Optimized for Windows Mobile & Tablet Devices