jLAN Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Sounds interesting, what exactly is the jLAN Mobile Portal?

A. The jLAN Mobile Portal is a web based application you use to set up data such as mobile users, permissions, routes etc. jLAN Mobile Portal also includes the integration that connects to your back office ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics, Syspro or NetSuite.

Q. Do I need a Back Office System?

A. Yes. jLAN Mobile is an integrated system and relies on your back office system for basic data such as customers, items, pricing etc.

Q. Is the system available both on premise and cloud based?

A. Yes. jLAN Mobile can be deployed on premise or you can choose a 100% cloud based option.

Q. What is the pricing structure for jLAN Mobile ?

A. jLAN can be purchased on a traditional perpetual license model or as a monthly subscription.

Q. Do I need devices with always available wireless data ?

A. No, The system can work offline and the synchronize the data when you have a reliable internet connection.

Q. How current is the data on the mobile device?

A. jLAN Mobile Software utilizes Microsoft Sync technologies to keep the data fresh on both the mobile device and the back-office system. You can schedule the synchronization process to run as often as needed. Alternatively, you can choose to kick off a manual synchronization process if you need a quick refresh.

Q. Can I print from the mobile device or tablet?

A. Yes. You can use the serial connection, WiFI or Bluetooth connection to a printer and print documents directly from the mobile device.

Q. I’m concerned about distributing my company’s data onto mobile devices.

A. The jLAN Mobile Server software allows system administrators to customize what data gets sent to what users. For example, you can control which customers get down loaded to which PDA via a Salesperson ID. System administrators can also lock out users from synchronizing, or prohibit synchronization if a user has not connected within a pre-determined period of time. The jLAN Mobile Server can also remote ‘wipe out’ a field handheld.

Q. What accounting systems does jLAN Mobile integrate to?

A. jLAN Mobile includes a seamless integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV and Net Suite.  With the jLAN Mobile Extensibility Guide, jLAN Mobile can be used to integrate to almost any ERP system.

Q. What if I don’t have a connection can I still work ?

A. Yes, Data is maintained locally on the mobile device or tablet. You can work independently and synchronize when you are able to establish a connection.

Q. Is Bar Code scanning supported?

A. Yes, You can scan bar codes to add inventory items to orders or scan customer codes to quickly find customer records.

Q. What mobile devices are supported?

A. jLAN Mobile is compatible with most devices running Windows 10. jLAN Briefcase mobile survey app is available on iPhones and Android.