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Direct Store Delivery for Dairy | jLAN Mobile

When delivering Milk and other products, knowing exactly what needs to go on the truck for delivery on any given day is a critical part of successful distribution.  The best way to do that is by empowering delivery drivers and pre-sales representatives in the field to place orders where they are and adjust quantities as necessary.

This is doubly true in an industry where distributors typically buy back expired product that hasn’t sold.

It’s important to empower van sales and pre sales representatives to adjust and place orders remotely for fulfillment later on, and to be able to consult and update inventories on the fly.  By definition a Van Sales person has inventory with them, they are selling off the “VAN”


A Total Direct Store Delivery Package for Dairy Distributors

jLAN Mobile offers the total package for direct store delivery for dairy  designed for dairy operations. You get a single solution for sales, route accounting, delivery and verification specific to the dairy industry.

People have been drinking milk and using dairy products for nearly 10,000 years — and that’s not going away any time soon. The major change in dairy is the new demand for glass bottles, small-batch supplies, GMO concerns and other unique designs.  These changes represent unique challenges and opportunities for distribution within the industry.

Dairy is the new craft market, demanding ever more unique combinations and specific products, all with a short shelf life — and you’ve seen it in your distribution. It’s time for jLAN Direct store delivery for Dairy.

Maintain your branding and differentiation, plus secure a prominent space on shelves in your target markets by being on-time with every delivery and offering the right price point to entice customers. jLAN Mobile is here to help.


How Does Software Boost DSD for Dairy?

Dairy distribution takes a special hand and special care to run smoothly and avoid disruptions common in other supply chains. With a variety of spoilage and sell-by dates, you need to run a consistent, reliable operation and exceed delivery expectations.

jLAN’s DSD for Dairy provides visibility with an instant view of on-truck inventory, the ability to sort and process orders quickly, service for customers based on new needs and a big boost to your forecast tools through advanced data capture.

We’ll help you know exactly what’s going on throughout your supply chain, giving sales and marketing channels the information they need to focus on areas that matter most.


Real-Time Inventory Control

Manage custom SKUs and control a wide range of needed information — from reefer truck requirements to expiration dates — with barcode-based tracking that creates a visible record from production through delivery.


Web-Based Route Management

Create the best route for all your deliveries and customer visits. Track activity along routes and have the tools to simply and efficiently reroute around trouble spots or make mission-critical updates no matter where you are on the road.


Onsite Management of Orders, Invoices and New Payments

Your mobile workforce has every tool it needs to deliver best-in-class customer service and client management. Put your accounting department in their back pocket with on-site acceptance and verification of orders, invoices, payments and troubleshooting.


Total Mobile ERP Integration

When you use the jLAN ERP and account management software integration tools with our DSD for Dairy brands, your business will always be ready for what’s next because it understands what’s happening right now.


The Features Your Business Needs, the Visibility Your Customers Demand

Designed to meet the demands of a supply chain that never sits still, jLAN Mobile Supply Chain Management software can help you bring every aspect of your network under one roof for greater visibility, flexibility and profitability.

Your Dairy Distribution Chain needs a true mobile solution for DSD. jLAN Mobile built one you’ll swear was made just for you.