A complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for snack and candy service companies.

With jLAN Mobile, you get all the intelligence, inventory control and service efficiency you need in one system. We’ve pre-configured our solution to provide seamless two-way integration between your ERP system and mobile devices and tablets so you won’t miss a beat – or an order.

From on-site sales capabilities to web-based route management, it’s like putting all the power of your entire company into the hands of your remote workers so they can help you increase revenue, reduce waste and keep customers happy.

Real-time Inventory Management

You’ve managed to negotiate and capture valuable shelf space for your snack and candy products. Now the challenge is to maintain it or expand it.  The only way to do that is to provide a superior level of customer service that works to increase sell through at retail.

Candy and snack brands struggle under the weight of ever-expanding and changing SKUs. You should respond to what the market wants — and that often means shifting business lines, adjusting sizes and changing packaging, which always comes with new SKUs to manage and provide to your teams.

jLAN Mobile lets you manage thousands of SKUs and pricing options with instant on-truck inventory data.

jLAN Mobile’s direct store delivery for snack companies transforms manual tasks to automate your controls, SKU management, delivery and much more. We help your team merchandise and deliver, plus showcase novel items right when your customers need it. SKUs never have to get in the way of capitalizing on the latest sugar (or sugar-free) craze.

Web-based Route Scheduling and Monitoring

Easily schedule routes, monitor activity and send out critical updates as they happen.

Chocolate has a long and involved supply chain — especially if your company plays a role from growing and harvesting through packing, roasting, processing and development. Even if you’re just on the final sales side of things, you need to know about cocoa levels, packaging and processing to keep everything safe and healthy for a delivery.

Too many shipments of melted bars or smooshed novelty items and your customers will soon be looking for a new distributor.

jLAN Mobile helps candy and snack brands respond to problems like these by giving you clear route scheduling and management tools that adjust to you.

Our route accounting software for snack food brands enables your drivers to change orders and avoid getting trapped on the interstate, arrive when traffic is low so you can safely park and avoid tickets, plus even adhere to differing state rules such as hours of service for delivery drivers.

Get the data you need on a web platform any mobile device can access so drivers, dispatch and drivers are always on the same page.

Process Orders, Invoices and Payments On-site

Enable remote workers to sell products, take orders and process payments on-location.

The faster you make your deliveries, the happier customers will be and the greater your chance to grow your business with existing staff. Let jLAN’s mobile sales solutions for snack and beverage companies speed up your entire operation with order creation and tracking, processing, invoicing and payment acceptance. All of this can happen with your driver right where the customer can see.

Capture Sales and Marketing Intelligence

Make use of our powerful survey tools to help you understand exactly what your customers want from you.

What do your customers want most to satisfy their end-consumers? Don’t guess — just ask. Surveys and reports from the jLAN direct store delivery platform for snack companies gives your customers a simple and direct voice to help you better serve them.


Two-way Mobile to ERP Integration

Transfer data, documents and communications easily between the jlAN Mobile devices and ERP system.

The efficiencies in a Route accounting solution for snack foods exponentially multiply when the mobile system is in sync with your ERP system. That’s why jLAN Mobile is built to work with the existing systems your business already runs on, with simple customization when you need it.

We’re a business partner, and that means making our integration standard and simple, allowing your visualization and planning tools to use real-time truck, van, warehouse and other data for the best insights.

Inject genuine business intelligence with jLAN Mobile’s mobile sales solutions for snack and beverage brands.



    How jLAN helps snack & candy companies

    • View and manage all inventory instantly
    • View and manage all inventory instantly
    • Expand sales opportunities and revenue
    • Easily schedule and manage routes
    • Improve service, accuracy and loyalty
    • Full inventory management with barcode scanning and flexible pricing
    • Web-based route management
    • On-site order and payment processing
    • Detailed analytics and reporting
    • Built-in ERP and accounting integration