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VPX Sports energizes their route sales team with jLAN Mobile

Proven Sports Science Meets a Proven Distribution Model

For more than 20 years, VPX/Redline has had one goal in mind — to produce and distribute the highest-quality nutritional supplements and performance beverages in the world. VPX/Redline takes satisfaction in its ability to update its existing products on a regular basis, funding study after study in universities across the United States and then basing new products on proven science.

VPX/Redline is a leading authority on performance enhancing supplements, and is dedicated to creating the right products for their worldwide base of customers.

One of the most important aspects of VPX/Redline’s business is delivering their products to their expansive customer base, as well as being able to keep track of all of the supplements that they offer.

Having such a wide range of products is a good thing for their company, but it can also make inventory management difficult. This is a problem that the route sales team of VPX/Redline encountered on a regular basis, a problem which routinely frustrated staff and wasted considerable time and resources.

“jLAN did everything we asked them to do. We
asked for changes to the system based on our
requirements and jLAN was able to deliver.”

Kent Flora, Manager of Information Systems

It was crucial that their sales reps would be able to take new orders on a mobile device in order to get those orders shipped as soon as possible to avoid stock-outs at the store level.

Read on to learn more about the partnership between VPX sports and jLAN Mobile, and feel free to download and share the PDF as well.


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    Customer Profile

    Even though VPX/Redline continued to grow its business, stakeholders knew that the delivery side of their business needed an overhaul. In recognizing this fact, they started to look at the possible route sales software solutions that were available to them, and could be integrated with their legacy system, Microsoft Dynamics GP. VPX/Redline then began to search for various applications that could streamline their entire business. That is where jLAN Mobile Sales came in to help.

    Business Problem

    The biggest problem that the in-house staff of VPX/Redline found was that they were creating much more work for themselves than was entirely necessary. The software the route sales team was using was very limited, which led to issues with inventory tracking and order entry into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    As a result, executives recognized that important changes needed to be made. Scrambling to manage the additional paperwork that was being generated, matching cash deposits, promotional deals and associating checks with specific invoices were all parts of the job that were falling by the wayside.


    jLAN Mobile offered all the functionality they needed along with a proven integration path into their existing Microsoft Dynamics GP infrastructure.

    VPX/Redline found that working with jLAN was easy, as the company was able to make changes to the system to allow it to work much more efficiently with the specific direct delivery and management needs of VPX/Redline.

    Because VPX/Redline produces fitness supplements, they need to be lot tracked when sent out of their facility. jLAN was able to implement a reliable and accurate lot tracking system that provided complete visibility into the movements of the inventory, all the way from the warehouse to the point of delivery.


    There are now over 25 drivers from VPX/Redline using jLAN Mobile sales, with hundreds of orders flowing smoothly each day from the mobile devices into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Furthermore the route sales team is more effective on sales calls and can provide better customer service. The company is experiencing fewer lost sales, reduced back orders and reduced data entry errors and overall more efficient product delivery.

    VPX/Redline orders now flow smoothly, and they can track any changes and data closer than they were able to do previously. There is more visibility in the accounting and processing department, and a team is no longer needed to manually track these individual pieces.

    This allows VPX/Redline to put their employees to much better use elsewhere in the company. VPX/Redline would highly recommend the use of jLAN Technologies’ services and programs in the future, as they are easy to use and can greatly improve the overall productivity of your route sales operations.

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    • Improves the in person selling and delivery experience
    • Touch-screen technology allows reps tocomplete orders much faster
    • Eliminated long synch times, making workinghours more productive
    • Reps have all data at their fingertips, includingcustomer buying history
    • Reduced incidence of out-of-stock situations
    • Robust integrations available for many ERP systems 
    • Create Orders, Invoices on a mobile device
    • Manage, Monitor and execute delivery routes 
    • Web-based route and sales monitoring
    • Manage truck stock inventory
    • End of day route cash and inventory reconciliation