Perishable products require maximum efficiency across the board from processing orders to controlling inventory to improving delivery times.

jLAN Mobile for bakery is about speeding up delivery, dropping off the right goods at each stop, and moving on.  We meet the daily challenges of bakery distribution head-on, helping you maximize efficiency and profitability at each stop.

How we integrate with your bakery

jLAN Mobile is a complete route accounting  for bakery solution. jLAN’s solution empowers  your sales and delivery personnel to sell, deliver, track and invoice your products within minutes, reducing waste and increasing consumer satisfaction. jLAN intuitive interface streamlines the process of creating, cutting or adding items to each and every order so your reps can accomplish more in less time

Whole Fleet Visibility

Monitor deliveries as they’re happening with jLAN’s graphical route tracking. Are your deliveries making it on time? Are you beating customers to their favorite coffee shop? Or are your baked goods arriving after the morning rush and limiting your sales potential? Do you end up crediting product because existing route accounting software isn’t for bakeries like yours?

That ends now.

jLAN Mobile isn’t here to promise you a magical system that will make your drivers fly through green lights every time. What we do is give you visibility into truck data to help you optimize your delivery, sales and other needs. We can show you a path to saving money with better utilization and smarter deliveries or help you keep trucks out of the noon sun so you can limit the amount of work those units must do to keep your deliveries fresh and tasty.

Mobile device support brings it all back to you in real-time. Discover why we’re the best direct store delivery software for bakeries that you can buy, install and thrive with today.

Real–time Inventory Management

Ensure you stock the right bakery goods at the right time with full inventory management.

Know what to restock on your customers shelves and in your ovens with a real-time inventory control that can track your most important metrics. From order requirements to shelf life of different items, as well as their original production date. Maximize your production with long-term visibility into sales and waste — plus see what additional items you can offer to customers when sales increase in different areas.

jLAN Mobile will empower your sales and inventory utilization through the best direct store delivery software for bakeries. We built this technology with you in mind. It’s time to make the most of your inventory!

Two-way ERP to mobile transfer

Easily download standing orders from your back-office system and save time, redundancy and errors with jLAN’s built-in ERP and accounting integration. The best devices for bakery sales are mobile devices that integrate with your ERP system and keep your drivers informed in real time.

We’ll help you tie everything together with Two-Way ERP to Mobile Transfer so you can maximize order fulfillment success and make any changes you need with real-time capabilities.

On–site Orders, Invoices and Payments

Enable your route teams to take orders, process payments and print invoices on-the-spot. Mobile sales for bakeries have never been easier thanks to a platform that’s designed to work with your teams in the field and back at home base.

Take advantage of upselling opportunities, give customers discounts when you have surplus and quickly shift between delivery priorities, all on-site.

Got a customer telling your drivers they love your bread and want more? jLAN empowers that driver to request inventory levels from your team and set a new order for the same day, all from mobile route accounting software for bakeries.

Handle quality concerns, process invoices and verify deliveries right when they happen, instead of spending hours at the end of a long day trying to make sure everyone was happy and that everything was on each truck.

End of day route reconciliation

Complete cash, inventory and order reconciliation lets you see what was delivered as well as what was not delivered. Discover what worked and what didn’t today so you can plan for tomorrow. End-of-day reconciliation keeps your team and your customers honest so your business can succeed.

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    See how jLAN Mobile helps your bakery

    • Manage all in-store transactions from sales to delivery with one system
    • Handle mix & match bakery promotions to move inventory and increase revenue
    • View, monitor and schedule routes in a convenient web-based portal
    • View customer purchase history
    • Improve customer and consumer loyalty

    • Web-based route management
    • Flexible pricing and promotions
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Detailed reporting and analytics
    • Seamless ERP integration