jLAN Mobile is a complete sales, route accounting and delivery solution for beverage wholesalers and distributors.

Efficiency and accuracy is a huge differentiator for beverage wholesalers and distributors.

We help you empower mobile pre-sales and route employees to instantly view on-truck inventory, quickly process orders and serve customers faster and better than ever before. Let us help you reduce waste and increase customer and consumer satisfaction.

Capture Key Sales and Beverage Marketing Intelligence

Distribute surveys to mobile teams so you know exactly what inventory to adjust and why.

Direct store delivery for beverage brands often fails at capturing inventory levels, sales types, fill rates and other data in a way that’s meaningful and reliable. One reason for this is that paper reports can get mixed up, wet or mislabeled when people remember they’ve forgotten to capture all the needed information.

That doesn’t have to happen anymore with jLAN Mobile sales solutions for beverage companies like yours. We give drivers and field teams the mobile support they need to capture data right away and even automate some processes where it matters most. Put the data on your hands.

Real-time Inventory Management

Manage thousands of SKUs with barcode scanning and real-time on-truck inventory data.

You need a simpler picking, packing and delivery capability — because that simplification can save you money. How do you ensure that process optimization doesn’t cause bottlenecks in other areas? You look for a route accounting software package that gives beverage brands a deeper understanding into their inventory.

jLAN’s Inventory management capabilities help you optimize order revenue. jlAN’s powerful order Guides functionality expedites order creation while on site. Print pick tickets, fulfill orders directly from truck stock and keep the shelves stocked to optimal levels.  We enhance driver accountability and reduce route costs so you can make the most of your inventory.

Our mobile sales solution for beverages also gives you tools to make your marketing efforts more successful.

Run out of truck stock? Get an order in the field, report it and immediately tell the customer when it can be delivered to at their location. The faster you deliver, the happier your customers will be.

Web-based Route Management

Track route activity and easily re-route or send critical updates from anywhere so your drivers are always able to make the smartest moves for their orders. Deliver faster and reach more customers each day with web routing. Plus, empower your delivery staff to spend more time on their route sales by speeding up each stop, allowing for greater data capture and making immediate changes.

Pair route optimization and management with real-time truck inventory data to ensure your route personnel are meeting existing deadlines and understanding the opportunities they have to turn leftover products into a new sale or promotion opportunity.

Direct store delivery for beverage brands like yours must provide flexibility — and that’s at the heart of jLAN Mobile.

Process Beverage Orders, Invoices and Payments On-site

Mobilize your accounting with electronic in-store order, payment and invoice processing.

Remove bottlenecks that harm your business by supporting every operation on a mobile device right at your customer’s site. jLAN Mobile sales solutions for beverage brands allow you to create orders, verify deliveries, invoice someone and get paid right when it matters most.

Eliminate waste and waiting with our mobile capabilities.

Two-way Mobile to ERP Integration for Beverage Distributors

Save time, redundancy and errors with jLAN’s built-in ERP and accounting integration.

No matter your beverage type, ERP understanding impacts your bottom line by improving the accuracy and speed of all your efforts. It allows your backend team and your field operatives to complete more meaningful stops each day based on knowledge of your customers. It’s the mobile solutions for beverages that you’ve been missing.



    How jLAN Mobile helps beverage distributers

    • Real-time inventory visibility
    • Rapid order entry
    • Increase order sizes and sales revenue
    • Set par values by day
    • Improve inventory and order accuracy
    • Retain customer and consumer loyalty

    • Mix and match promotions
    • Instant survey capabilities
    • Inventory tracking and barcode scanning
    • Web-based route management
    • Sales history by week
    • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
    • Built-in ERP and accounting integration