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jLAN understands choosing the right technology to run your mobile sales teams can be as important as choosing the right people to run your business. You can feel confident knowing that jLAN Mobile Sales is backed by more than a decade of research and development and thorough testing to ensure you are getting the most reliable and scalable technology for your needs.

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Key Considerations

Start here to learn six things to consider before choosing your mobile devices.

jLAN Mobile Platforms

Learn what mobile platforms your jLAN Mobile Sales is optimized for.

Mobile Devices

Explore a variety of tablet and  rugged mobile devices built for power and performance.

Mobile Printers

See how easy it can be for your people to print receipts, invoices and estimates on the go.

Mobile Peripherals

Enhance your mobile solution with cutting-edge barcode and card scanners.

Deployment Options

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    cloud direct store delivery softwae


    jLAN Mobile offers the industry’s most powerful cloud based direct store delivery and route accounting software. Most cloud based route sales systems are simplistic and offer the minimum set of features. However jLAN grew up as an Enterprise level solution. Now our feature rich solution is available as a Cloud-offering for companies running route sales and direct store delivery operations. jLAN Mobile Cloud provides flexibility and scale-ability without any additional capital investment to support it.

    Powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, jlAN Mobile  delivers redundancy, scaleability and backup without any incremental investment by our customers. When paired with a true cloud based ERP such as NetSuite or Dynamics 365 you’ve got an end to end scaleable, reliable modern go forward platform at a fixed and predictable monthly cost.


    The choice between on-premise and cloud does not have to be mutually exclusive. Let’s say your entire ERP infrastructure is on premises but you don’t want to invest in any additional hardware or install any more enterprise software inside you network. jLAN Mobile can configure a hybrid deployment for you. In a hybrid scenario the jLAN  Mobile system  remains on the Microsoft  Azure cloud platform and all the mobile sales devices synchronize with to the cloud. However the jLAN Mobile solution then connects to your on premise ERP system to extract master data and upload new order, invoice and other transactions


    Hybrid cloud direct store delivery sytem
    On premise direct store delivery system

    On premise

    Traditionally direct store delivery systems have been deployed on-premise inside our customers network. jLAN Mobile can be fully deployed on-premise. jLAN will work with you to determine  if the existing infrastructure can be used or if additional enhancements will have to be made.