About jLAN Technologies

Mobilizing businesses to maximize performance.

jLAN Technologies is the developer of jLAN Mobile Sales Suite, a fully integrated and full-service mobile sales, route accounting and delivery solution. Our comprehensive solution combines powerful mobile software, rugged mobile devices and pre-configured ERP integration (yes, really) so customers in the most complex industries can do it all faster, easier and better than ever.

Our Bragbook

We typically aren’t a boastful bunch, but you might recognize the brands using jLAN Mobile including Sierra Nevada, Ruckers Candy, Citizens, Cadbury and the Brittney Group, just to name a few. jLAN Technologies is also one of only a handful of organizations worldwide to achieve the highest level of Microsoft Certification (CFMD) and we’re a member of NetSuite’s Suite Cloud Developer Network. jLAN Mobile Sales Suite is certified to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics (GP, NAV, AX) as well as NetSuite and SYSPRO from day one. Okay, enough bragging.

Our History

Founded in 2001 as a systems integrator for ERP systems, our story began a bit different than most. Working with customers across specialized industries, we quickly learned of a serious problem with the mobile systems our customers had to choose from. Not only were they missing the mark on features and functionality – most of our customers needed to handle sales, route accounting and deliveries – none were built to integrate with their ERP and accounting systems. Getting their new mobile system to work with their ERP systems and vice versa was costing these businesses extra time, money and headaches. We knew we could do it better, and we did.

Our Innovation

Applying our advanced ERP integration expertise into a mobile solution that was already optimized and configured for ERP integration was the answer. But, it had to be a genuine mobile solution for customers who needed powerful software that could handle any business model, rugged devices that could handle any environment, and special features for their industry. Oh, and exceptional support to back it all up. After tons of research and development, conversations with customers and industry leaders, and a whole lot of field testing – jLAN Mobile Sales Suite took the world by storm.

Today, jLAN Technologies serves customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. We are constantly enhancing our mobile solutions to give businesses what they need to succeed. Now that you know more about us, give us a call or shoot us an email so we can get to know more about you.