How we integrate with your bakery

jLAN Mobile is a complete route accounting  for bakery solution. jLAN’s solution empowers  your sales and delivery personnel to sell, deliver, track and invoice your products within minutes, reducing waste and increasing consumer satisfaction. jLAN intuitive interface streamlines the process of creating, cutting or adding items to each and every order so your reps can accomplish more in less time

Whole Fleet Visibility

Schedule and monitor deliveries as they’re happening with jLAN’s graphical route tracking.

Real–time Inventory Management

Ensure you stock the right bakery goods at the right time with full inventory management.

Two-way ERP to mobile transfer

Easily download standing orders from your back office system & save time, redundancy & errors with jLAN’s built–in ERP & accounting integration.

On–site Orders, Invoices and Payments

Enable your route teams to take orders, process payments and print invoices on the spot.

End of day route reconciliation

Complete cash, inventory and order reconciliation lets you see what was delivered as well as what was not delivered.

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Driver performing van sales operations with the help of jlan mobile technology

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See how jLAN Mobile helps your bakery

  • Manage all in-store transactions from sales to delivery with one system
  • Handle mix & match bakery promotions to move inventory and increase revenue
  • View, monitor and schedule routes in a convenient web-based portal
  • View customer purchase history
  • Improve customer and consumer loyalty
  • Web-based route management
  • Flexible pricing and promotions
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Seamless ERP integration