jLAN Mobile for Pre-sales Teams

All the sales tools and insight you need right in the palm of your hand.

When your sales reps have access to real-time critical information at their fingertips, every stop becomes a new opportunity to share promotions, up-sell, cross-sell and instantly increase your revenue. Give your pre-sales and merchandising teams the ability to take care of your customers anytime, anywhere from one easy-to-use mobile device.

  • Increase Sales On-the-Fly: Easily access all customer information and purchasing history for quick add-on sales of products they’re running low on or any promotions to take advantage of.
  • Collaborative Marketing Portal: With jLAN Briefcase, sales and marketing are always in synch. Just upload all the latest images, videos, presentations and documents to jLANBriefcase.com so your mobile sales reps have the most recent materials and marketing can track what’s being used effectively.
  • No More Paperwork: Eliminate outdated information, lost orders, redundant data entry and trying to translate bad handwriting. Everything can be accessed, completed and transferred electronically.
  • Real-time Inventory Updates: jLAN Mobile is built to integrate with your ERP system so product information, inventory availability, promotions and pricing are always up-to-date
  • Accurate Order and Payment Processing: jLAN handles the entire sales cycle accurately and efficiently from taking the order to processing payment to scheduling delivery. Substantially reduce human errors.
  • Efficient Deliveries: New orders can be ready to pick and schedule delivery before your sales rep is even out the door. How’s that for efficient customer service?



How jLAN Mobile helps your pre–sales team

  • Increase sales revenues
  • Gain real-time customer visibility
  • Accelerate the entire order process
  • Increase first time fill rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costly errors
  • On-site order and payment processing
  • Electronic document access
  • Historical purchasing information
  • Full accounts receivable management
  • Order from any warehouse
  • Optimized for Windows Mobile and Windows Tablet devices