Release Notes

jLAN Mobile for Windows 8.1 Tablet

Version June 19th, 2015

  • Enhancement: Ensured scanned items display customer item number  when available
  • Enhancement: Improved bar code  scanning items onto an order
  • Fixed: When a ship date was manually changed, on occasion it would be overwritten by the auto ship date off set

Version April 23th, 2015

  • Enhancement: Added Customer Item Number to all grids
  • Enhancement: Historical Order guide now displays last 10 weeks of sales history by unit
  • Enhancement: Improved performance  on Inventorylookups. Limited initial search to first 2,000 items
  • Enhancement: Added new End of Day Sales Summary form
  • Enhancement: Added new End of Day cash reconciliation form
  • Enhancement: Changed “Order History” tile to “Invoice History”
  • Fixed: Issue that would on occasion leave doc date null
  • Fixed: Improved scaling on Apply payment form
  • Fixed: Removed “,” when displaying First Name then Last Name
  • Fixed: Intermittent crash on RT version when immediately  re-opening a newly saved Order

Version February 6th, 2015

  • Enhancement: Various enhancements to Bluetooth scanning functionality
  • Fixed: Issue that would allow user to edit price on read only documents on some occasions
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented  Extended Sales amount from not displaying

Version January 22nd, 2015

  • Enhancement: Changed default search argument from ‘Starts With’  with to ‘Contains’ when doing inventory searches
  • Enhancement: Modified behavior of Enter Key on physical keyboard to same as Soft Keypad on tablet. Move to next line with ‘Enter’ key in line item entry
  • Enhancement: You can no longer add items without a valid price from the price list. Previous behavior was to add at Zero
  • Enhancement: Added more visibility to the “reconnect Scanner” button for Bluetooth bar code scanners
  • Fixed: Issue with length of Name Capture field when collecting signatures
  • Fixed: When using the soft numeric keypad you could not enter a price change with a Zero value  in tenths digit field
  • Fixed: Customer item number button was hidden on inquiry recent documents form
  • Fixed: Item List price now visible from main item look up form
  • Fixed: Issue with Bluetooth scanning when an error message appeared
  • Fixed: Orders now properly grouping on date field from user configurable Order List grid

Version November 12th, 2014

  • Enhancement: Ability to scan into PO field with Bluetooth Scanner
  • Enhancement: Ability to change calculated price based on order date
  • Enhancement: Ability to display total line counts or total case counts
  • Enhancement: Added sync button to Orders list form
  • Enhancement: Ability to filter and select Customer Item numbers only
  • Fixed: Cost column in inventory look up  is now rounding correctly
  • Fixed: Issue with printing multiple pages for 8.5 X 11 invoices
  • Fixed: Can now scroll through synchronized sales documents