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Field Sales & Inventory Management Software 

jLAN Mobile field sales technology is one of the best field sales software packages available. It combines inventory management, client and vendor data and support for the capture of electronic signatures and order verification in the field.

We’ve built a field sales technology platform specifically designed to help you make more money, faster. Digital, mobile technology means there’s never any reason to wait between securing a promise for an order and starting the capture process.

With turnkey field sales software from jLAN Mobile, your sales team is empowered to make an immediate sale and order the delivery of goods based on your current inventory. From the moment your new customer says “yes,” we’ll help you provide real-time data so they can know when an order will be fulfilled.

You already have a high-quality product. We help you make sure it’s an on-time product, too.


Best Route Sales and Optimization

The jLAN Technologies, Inc. field sales and inventory management software incorporates an end-to-end route sales software solution that will allow your sales teams or drivers to prioritize customers and maps for more interactions and less wasted time.

Your sales team gets to each appointment faster and is empowered with inventory controls and real-time promotional packages to generate more sales with each stop. Why waste time sitting in traffic when you can plan a route to your best leads that aims to avoid common bottlenecks and more?

Our turnkey field sales software helps your drivers avoid a very different kind of delay: slow order drop-off due to manual processes. With electronic signature capture for field sales and delivery teams, you’ll be empowered to create contracts right away and add order-acceptance signatures to that customer’s profile each time your drivers arrive.

Electronic capture ensures everyone can see and verify when a delivery was accepted, allowing you to create an auditable trail that you can share with partners. Build trust and build a bigger business with the best turnkey field sales software from jLAN Mobile.


Leading Order Fulfillment for Field Representatives

Is your business completely dependent on the success of field service representatives to create recurring revenue? We work with a wide range of businesses who specialize in field sales, from food and beverage brands targeting retailers and grocery chains to snack and bakery vendors who must land into restaurant and café cases to maintain profitability.

Don’t let the challenges of field sales harm your business by choosing a pen-and-paper process that takes too long, causes too many mistakes and yields too many opportunities for customers to leave or be upset. jLAN Mobile is your partner in Turnkey Field Sales and Field Inventory Management Software.

Improve the speed and accuracy of your field sales operations in every situation to give your team the best chance at a bigger sale and a more satisfied customer.


End of Day Cash Reconciliation

For many industries, delivery drivers and van sales representatives will receive cash upon order fulfillment, especially when delivering to small to medium sized companies.

jLAN Mobile facilitates end of day cash reconciliations for accurate and immediate records of all cash transactions on the road. This is invaluable for understanding cash flow, providing accountability and insight throughout the distribution network.

The end of day cash reconciliation features of the jLAN Mobile suite are especially useful for distribution networks and field sales reps in the Carribean, Trinidad, Barbados, Bermuda and Jamaica, where the use of credit may not be as common.


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