Turnkey Mobile Order Entry

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Turnkey Mobile Order Entry System For Reliable Fulfillment

A faster, more responsive distribution network is a competitive advantage for your business. jLAN Mobile’s order entry software allows pre-order and pre-sales teams from a variety of industries to process orders in the field for fulfillment from the warehouse.

With Turnkey Integration for Netsuite and Microsoft Dyanmics ERP systems, our Mobile Order Entry software provides reliable, real-time solutions to keep your distribution network moving the right product at the right time in the right quantities.

The sooner your team can verify and fill an order, the faster it can arrive at your customer’s location and the happier they’ll be. Fulfillment is often the most important piece of customer satisfaction, because even the greatest product is a pain when it’s always late or orders are always wrong.

Put an end to delays and minimize the risks of mis-picks and other fulfillment issues by turning to jLAN Mobile’s customer order processing system. Understand and review each order, sortable by a wide range of characteristics, and link it back to customer profiles and payments through mobile invoicing software integration.

The key to fulfillment is to allow everyone from the warehouse and manufacturing floor through delivery drivers to have access to the same data, tracking, updates and verification for a more reliable and auditable fulfillment process.


Mobile Cash Conversion Cycle from Pre-Sales to Delivery

jLAN’s Mobile Order Management platform is designed to make every step in the order fulfillment process simpler, because simplicity makes it easier for our customers to run their business.

We start with a unified dashboard that overlays mobile invoicing software with pricing and promotions, receivables, order verification, payment, signature capture and much more. At every step, you’re able to use the same platform to understand your business and keep customers happy.


Real-Time Pricing and Promotion Integration with

Your Existing ERP System

A true Mobile Order Entry Solution should incorporate your existing pricing and promotion structure, and update in real time with current offers.  jLAN Mobile does just that for Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite customers.

You may have spent hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars setting MS Dynamics and Netsuite ERP systems with all your pricing and promotion software, so why pay for a system that can’t incorporate that information?

jLAN Mobile leverages existing pricing and promotion software, so you only set prices and create deals or promotions once. Customers place an order and it is captured by our mobile order processing system. Order details move through your production or warehouse with checks on inventory and fulfillment.

After your order is picked, processed and made ready for shipment, it is added to our supply chain tools to provide an audit trail and tracking from your facility to the final destination.


One Application for Your Mobile Order Processing

Create a more profitable, reliable process with a mobile custom order processing system from jLAN Technologies, Inc.

Fully integrate with your existing Dynamics or Netsuite ERP and legacy devices to provide complete visibility for your operations, with modeling and reporting tools that can use all the data you’re capturing. We bring it all in-house and in one application, so you don’t have to worry about using separate mobile order entry software, mobile payment processing software, invoicing tools, receivables management and much more.

We’ll even help you bring mobile returns and exchanges software into the mix without your team needing to learn a new platform or UI.


jLAN Mobile Demo

When it comes to advanced features like mobile signature capture, mobile order entry and management, plus mobile pricing and promotions software, seeing is often believing.

Software firms can promise the moon, but it just plain needs to work when you’re trying to enter a shipment, capture a signature for a delivery or run analysis to see when you need to restock and resupply your partners.

We invite you to look at the jLAN Mobile Sales and DSD demos here. You’ll get a feel for our robust offering and have a simple form to use when you’re ready to see how we apply our mobile sales order fulfillment platform in your industry.


Supporting Real-Time Success

From signature capture to sales order fulfillment, jLAN Mobile’s Order Process Management Software will feel like it was built for you. Revolutionize your operations by joining us now.